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GHHS Bell Schedule 2017-18<-----Printable Bell Schedule Bulletin Submission Form<-----Teachers/Coaches Only 10.19.17<------Printable Version of the Daily  Bulletin Good morning grizzlies, today is Thursday October 19th, 2017…we are on...

5 Essential Outfits This Fall

By: Yatziry Mendez (11) and Veronica Buckman (11) October 20, 2017 PORTERVILLE, CA — Transitioning to the fall, we have gotten ourselves in a harvest over...

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Workout of the Week: Flabs to Abs

Flabs to Abs By: Beau Spanke & Daniel Alvarado, Grade 11 October 19, 2017 Are you tired of longing for a six-pack? Have you tried over and...
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Pray for Gun Control (Op-Ed)

By: Luis Zepeda and Edgar Verduzco Grade 12, Porterville, CA Should America do something about the guns in this country?  Should they have stricter gun...

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