Mr. Peterson Uncovered

Mr. Peterson sitting in his office. Photo by: Elizabeth Aparicio/Grizz Media

By: Marina Marin (11) and Elizabeth Aparicio (11)  

PORTERVILLE, CA—About five years ago, Mr. Andrew Peterson became the assistant principal  at Granite Hills High School after being a history teacher. Never did he think he would enjoy this job, but he believes it has been a great experience. Mr. Peterson said, “After I had been teaching for five years, I enjoyed working with students but wanted to work and help with more, so being an administrator was my answer.”

Mr. Peterson grew up in the Porterville area and heard about Granite Hills being built. After Granite Hills was built, Mr. Peterson worked there as a substitute teacher, as a teacher and then as an assistant principal. When he was a teacher, he taught history and also coached the football team. 

Mr. Peterson posing for a picture behind the office.
Photo by: Elizabeth Aparicio Grizz Media

His main focuses are on tenth and eleventh grade discipline, organizing coverage for school safety, and doing walkthroughs with other administrators to help improve the quality of teaching on campus. In addition to his responsibilities, he enjoys supporting all the students to be successful at their games, events, shows and other interests.

Mr. Peterson said Granite Hills is a “great school and great community.” He added, “we are growing as a school together and we have talented students in extracurricular activities.”

Some may not know that while Mr. Peterson was a teacher for LJE, he was also the leader of DDC and enjoyed doing both. That is what helped him to become a vice principal because without that he would never have loved the feeling of working with all students and helping them improve.

Jayjay Jaimez (junior) said, ¨he is a good vice principal for our school and if you were to see him while walking around, he would either give you a smile or stop you and have a conversation with you.”

After five years, Mr. Andrew Peterson enjoys the experience of being a vice principal after being a history teacher. He enjoys working with all the students and helping them fulfill their goals.

Mr. Peterson walking around school watching students.
Photo by: Elizabeth Aparicio/Grizz Media
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  1. ummm what students are being watched? #ghhsishaunted
    besides that, the article is well written, learned a lot.

  2. I like this article. I like is so much that I can read it more than once! I never really knew these things about Mr. Peterson, it’s very fascinating.


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