Every Mac Owned by One Guy!

    Apple computer part of the museum.
    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    What if you could own every computer Apple has ever made? Well, one Mac developer in Ukraine does. MacPaw bought the entire collection of a repair shop in New York City and turned it into an awesome museum.

    According to Cult of Mac, ¨MacPaw’s museum houses 70 pieces, including the 40 items it got from Tekserve. The other items include every generation of iPhone, a collection of “Think Different” posters and swag bags from past Worldwide Developers Conferences.¨

    Apple computer part of the museum.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    MacPaw’s new museum is stuffed with Apple’s greatest treasures. In the museum, you are able to see an original Mac, an Apple Lisa, a NeXTcube, and many other special treasures created by Apple.

    Macintosh 128k, Apple computer part of the museum.

    Photo Credit: Getty Images

    Consider the most precious device in MacPaw’s collection is it original Macintosh 128K. This computer was the first personal computer Apple had ever made and the original price of it was $2495.

    According to Cult of Mac, ¨ The collection which included a 1984 Macintosh signed by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

    Even know it took a lot of finding and searching for all of Apple’s treasures, MacPaw had to pay a mesmerizing $47,000 to obtain his priceless collection. He got most of his priceless artifacts from Tekserve, a famous Apple repair shop in Manhattan.

    When the shop closed, MacPaw scooped up its horde of the story Apple computers and it took approximately three weeks to ship them from New York to Ukraine.

    On an article written by Christian Zibreg (Idownloadblog.com) on the exhibit of vintage Macs in Ukraine, MacPaw states, “ We think there is hardly a better place for historical Apple computers that are futuristic Apple expired office.”  He believes that his museum is most worthy to have the history of the Macs.

    According to MacPaw, “ … the collection is not just for us, it’s an office-based museum and we can give you a tour next time you’re in Kyiv. You’ll get to see a 128K Macintosh signed by Steve Wozniak, an illustrated edition of Apple Design History, and even a couple of WWDC relics.”

    Seeing the museum in person is like walking through time as you see the creation of every Mac and all its different styles.

    For more information, check out MacPaw’s short video exploring this incredible museum.

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