Our Sleep is at Powerlow

Zachary Carpenter sleeping on class assignments.
Photo By: Veronica Buckman/Grizz Media

By: Yatziry Mendez (11) and Veronica Buckman (11)

PORTERVILLE, CA — Daylight saving time has come to an end and now everyone’s sleeping schedule is unsettled.

On Sunday, November 5, 2017, the time in the United States went one hour back.

Many people woke up earlier than usual and wondered why were they awake early on a Sunday. Other people may have simply thought someone in their house pulled a cruel prank on them.

Sleep is something that adolescents look forward to, especially on a long, tiring day. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not get enough sleep. So this leads to questions: What are the effects of the time change regarding our sleeping schedule? How is our health affected by sleep loss?

We were so used to the day going by fast and now suddenly it feels like every day is taking forever to end. Now people wake up and realize that they still have an hour left to sleep. Other people also see that it is dark outside, yet are shocked and disappointed to find out that it is barely six o’clock in the evening.

According to Jodie Tyley from Independent, “One of the major problems with sleep deprivation is decline in cognitive ability; our brains just don’t work properly without sleep. We struggle with memory, learning, planning and reasoning.”  

Now that the people’s sleeping schedule is unsettled, many are struggling to function throughout the day because minimal sleep has far more effects than what one actually expects.

According to Nature Medicine, sleep deprivation can cause “…hypertension, diabetes, obesity, heart attack, and stroke,” which often lead to death.

A recent UCLA study (paywall) in which 12 people were studied showed how fewer hours of sleep cause brain cells to slow down, which made it more difficult for the person to complete the tasks they were given, such as classifying pictures. This suggests that GHHS students who don’t get enough sleep might face similar problems, such as being off task.

The study also showed how a sleepless night causes our brain to not function properly. For instance, by making a person react more slowly than usual. When doing an activity that requires visual recognition and memory, people will often struggle to complete an activity. This indicates that GHHS students who are running low on sleep will not work as effectively as they would with enough sleep.

Most people would think that driving accidents happen because of alcohol, but studies have also shown how sleep deprivation can affect a person as much as being under the influence, and possibly worst.

As studies have increased regarding sleep deprivation and its effects, new findings have come about.

According to Quartz, “…neurons responsible for noticing pedestrians may duck out to get some rest and fail to alert drivers that they need to swerve.”

As stated by CBS News, “[lack of sleep] can disrupt brain cells’ abilities to communicate with each other, similar to the effects of drinking too much alcohol.”

Such discoveries result in a concern from people when it comes to knowing how much sleep is necessary in order to avoid consequences. Though the necessary time varies depending on age, it is vital that people realize that running on a few hours of sleep can affect how one functions throughout the day.

So before you decide to stay up all night on a school day, take notice that you can gain an hour of sleep and consider what it can do to your brain and how it will affect your overall performance.

Saray Gonzalez sleeping instead of being productive.
Photo By: Veronica Buckman/Grizz Media
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